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Sustainable and Excellent

Our journey continues with the goal of “Continuous Improvement and Sustainable Future” and our determination in designing our dreams, constantly developing, caring deeply, loving what we do, and achieving the best.

Driven by sustainability and innovation, our efforts to improve all aspects of our processes.

Our main principle is to integrate our policies of quality, environment, occupational health and safety into each and every process of our business. To reach our objectives we build on international and national laws and rules. We strive to ensure that our operations are sustainable and perfect while offering the products and services to meet the demands of our clients.

Sürdürülebilirlik ve inovasyon motivasyonumuzla tüm süreçlerimizde iyileştirme çalışmalarımıza devam ediyoruz.

Ana prensibimiz kalite ve çevre politikamızı, iş sağlığı ve güvenliğini tüm süreçlerimize entegre etmek. Bu hedeflere ulaşmak için ulusal ve uluslararası yasa ve kuralları temel alıyoruz. İlkemiz, yönetmelik ve kurallara uygun işleyişimizi sürdürmek. Sunduğumuz ürün ve hizmetlerle müşterilerimizin istek ve taleplerini karşıladığımız her an operasyonlarımızın sürdürülebilir ve mükemmel olması için çalışıyoruz.

We have established an appropriate and developable system in cooperation with our suppliers and subcontractors.

Tedarikçilerimiz ve fason üreticilerimizle işbirliği içinde uygun ve geliştirilebilir bir sistem oluşturmuş durumdayız.

We believe it is essential to determine what needs to be done for the personal and professional development of our current and future human resources and to ensure their realisation. Achieving excellence in all our processes and minimizing the risk in the workplace in compliance to international standards are amongst our main goals and we strive to protect and improve the environment and nature.

Ekoten is guided by the philosophy of constant improvement. Operational Excellence has utmost importance for us and we work hard for continuous development, Industry 4.0 and standardization. In order to improve processes and increase performance, our production line is equipped with less interventional systems through end-to-end digitalisation projects.


Under the title of Operational Excellence, a team of 40 experts from different fields of engineering are responsible for digitalisation, big data analysis, quality improvement, process improvement, industry 4.0 and lean management. We carry on our extensive studies in this context and continue the implementation of machine learning systems accordingly.


The lean leader development program created based on the lean management systems, implements the constant improvement perspective and practices by incorporating blue collar employees. Ekoten has 6 Sigma experts including 6 black belts, 2 green belts and 2 specialist black belts.

Lean Management

Through lean management perspective and technical training we aim at continuous improvement and sustainability and we work to create a lean culture among our staff in ways of doing business.


Data Analysis and Quality Improvement

Our proactive approach deals with potential problems before they arise. Our expert staff combines superior technical knowledge with statistics to eliminate errors and analyse big data.


Manufacturing Execution Systems

Production Execution Systems are computer or automation supported intelligent systems used to monitor the production process through all operation areas and control the transformation process of raw materials into finished products in order to transfer field data to the digital environment.