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Growing with innovation

We believe that innovation is the leeway to lead in the market, and hence we continuously upgrade our products and maintain the best quality standards. Growing exponentially with innovation and modern technology

We are the best solution partner in Europe with fast service and various quality options thanks to high-tech and constantly renewed machinery production-line.

With our annual production capacity of 13.000 tons, we create new quality supplies every 3 weeks and 2 seasonal collections each year. Currently operating over 232 knitting machines with a fabric production capacity of over 40 tonnes per day Ekoten has all the capabilities to meet customer needs.

At Ekoten we create around 300 new fabric designs every month for the fashion industry.

We pride ourselves in:

  • High product quality
  • Innovative technologies
  • Quick sample & production turnaround
  • Delivery Reliability
  • Flexible production in 2-5 weeks

We are very committed to:

  • Combine our design capability with our production ability
  • Prompt our customers with new fabric designs along with types of fabrics they require
  • Produce with environmentally friendly methods in a way that inspires new generations
  • Using our expert textile engineering skills for fabric and texture development techniques.


Equipped with the latest technology our knitting process area provides us with maximum versatility in production, fast reaction capacity and competitive timings.

Ekoten has a knitting fabric capacity of 40 tons per day. With 232 pieces of modern knitting machinery Ekoten has significant infrastructure.


Advanced with automated dyeing and chemical distribution systems our dyeing section is available with modern machines for jet dyeing and cold pad.  

Ekoten has a daily capacity of 35 tons of jet dyeing and 25 tons of pad batch dyeing supported by automated dye and chemical distribution system.

Color Laboratory

In-house colour laboratory is capable of dyeing 700 lab dips per day in order to find out what formula creates the best colour match for the given fabric.


All our machines are equipped with a course counter, pyrometer weightex and moist control features. To best meet the requirements of our customers all end products are quality checked at the finishing stage.

Ekoten has a capacity comprised of 8 rams, 2 chain dryers, 2 open end sanforising machines, 1 tube sanforising machine, 1 carbon machine, 6 raising machines, 1 shearing machine, 1 sueding machine,  2 special effect machine and 19 quality control machines.

Digital Print

State-of-the-art digital machines in our production facility allows reactive print high resolution,limitless patterns, flexible colour options on cellulosic fabrics, and acid printing on nylon fabrics.

Our latest technology, high definition digital printing machines allow us a production capacity of 10.000 mt per day.

Test Laboratory

Based on our principle of customer focus, all of our technical fabrics are tested and certified at in-house laboratories in order to reach %100 error-free fabric.

All errors as well as width and weight data are recorded in the database and used in risk analyses for new orders.