Ekoten Work-Knits is a concept which merges comfort of knitted fabrics ,functionality and real fashion experience together in one.

  • People in the professional market work daily in many different circumstances and where safety, comfort and security are major issues.

  • Our Protective Wear range complies with the most stringent European norms and regulations for amongst others high visibility clothing, and flame retardant clothing, anti-static and chemical protection.


High visibility clothing are essential in our environment to be seen during poor lighting or weather conditions but also for working in environments where there is a lot of moving machinery. Protection with comfort Performance to recognised high-vis standards under adverse visibility conditions.

  • Suitable for EN 20471.

  • Sertificated yellow,orange and red.

  • Combination with other properties FR,ESD … etc.


The more important for a lot of companies to create a distinctive profile for themselves; a solid corporate image, which can be transferred to the target group using many different measures. Well-groomed appearance and the employees' identification with their company by dressing in line with the design and colours of the corporate identity can contribute to this to a great extent. Corporate wear are enhanced with solutions for moisture management and dimensional stability, as well as recognizable and consistent colors.

Corporate wear serisi, fark edilebilir ve devamlılığı mükemmel renkleri yüksek haslık özelliklerine sahip boyutsal dayanımı çok iyi seviyede olan konforlu kumaşları aynı bünyede birleştirir.

  • Suitable for EN 15797

  • Blended articles : Luna

  • Double face articles  : Stella

  • High colour fastness –VAT dye

  • Short delivery time with colour card

  • Combination with other properties ESD,  Antistatic ,Hi Vis .. Etc.


Fire-retardant fabrics are textiles that are naturally more resistant to fire than others through chemical treatments or manufactured inherent flame retardant fibers.When selecting FR clothing, consider the balance of properties, including protection, appearance, comfort, cost, wear life and color. The company should choose the best option that adequately meets all its needs, including the required FR protection.

  • Kalıcı aleve karşı dayanım( özel elyaf ve iplik kullanımı)

  • Suitable for EN 11612

  • Use inherently FR yarn

  • Comfortable and  smart FR

  • Combination with other properties HV,ESD,AS,Arc … etc.


Comfort is a complicated term which include physical, physiogical and psychological factors. The term is described that the physiological and psychological adaptations between the human body and environment to be pleased.

  • Thermal comfort  cold and hot conditions

  • From 100-400 gsm fabric

  • Viloft ,Coolmax,Thermolite, Wool … etc.