Growing with the power it gains from its human resources, Ekoten Tekstil aims to be a company where the guiding principle is mutual trust and respect and where participation and diversity is valued.

The company has always considered it of utmost importance to procure human resources with high qualifications and to provide its employees with continuous improvement and motivation.​ ​

Budgeting resources for HR purposes in line with the importance attached to satisfaction and development of its employees, Ekoten Tekstil embraces it as a principle to ensure a reliable and peaceful work environment for its employees.

"The essence of our human resources application" is the value we have given to the workforce because of human beings.
In this context,
          Fulfill all legal obligations related to health and safety,
          Ensuring that our health and safety culture created by our work practices is internalized by our employees,
          From the entrance stage to the promotion and transfer applications, our philosophy of "right man towards the work" principle is our most basic goal and first of all it is our basic aim to make the proper assignment to the health and safety of the employee.