Haber Tarihi: 08 May 2012

A holding company in Izmir, Textile R & D Center succeeded in producing "three-dimensional fabric".

Sun Holding Chairman Sabri Ünlütürk, who is present in the AA correspondent's announcement, said that the group, which focuses on the fashion and garment industry, recently carried out projects to increase the comfort features of fabrics with its R & D center in the region. Ünlütürk stated that they produce fabrics with thermal, non-burning and easy ironing properties.

Ünlütürk not only added comfort features to the fabrics, but also stated that they were concentrating in different areas. Recognizing that they are heading towards automotive textiles with high added value, Ünlütürk expressed that they have launched projects on the proposal from the Dutch automotive supplier industry organization, which they have implemented common projects in the past years.

Unlutürk pointed out that they formed a Turkish-Dutch joint-stock company in the context of the project which includes the production of "three-dimensional fabric" which is very new to the use in the automotive sector.

'' Three-dimensional fabrics are used in automotive seats. A technology that is still in its infancy in the world. There was only one manufacturer in Europe. Can you produce 'three-dimensional fabric' from our Dutch partner? The proposal came. We have studied Konuyu and see that it is an important project in terms of testing ourselves. We started by creating a team. We developed the products in a short time. We are in the final stages of the R & D process. We will send the product to the BMW and Mercedes factories once we have completed the tests. Our goal is to produce for the automotive sector in the first place. We are Europe's second three-dimensional fabric producer, we have plans in the medical field after automotive. Patient beds may also be involved. "

-Three-dimensional fabrics, the sponge will take its place-

Sabri Ünlütürk said that three-dimensional fabrics took the place of sponge in automobile seats. Noting that these fabrics, which are yet to be used in luxury vehicles, are expected to become widespread in all vehicles in the coming years, Ünlütürk said that thanks to the fabric, the use of sponges and seats will be significantly reduced.

 Given that the fabric also facilitates heating, cooling and ventilation of the seat, Ünlütürk pointed out that a wide range of applications of three-dimensional fabrics in the future will be involved.

Unlutürk, Turkey's first three-dimensional fabric, which is produced by expressing the fabric, continued his words:

'' Turkey has reached the stage of designing in the textile sector from freemasonry. Now the Italian producers took the role. Technical textiles are still very strange. Apart from clothing, the automotive is a very high added value, addressing a wide area from aircraft production to road coverage. Turkey is importing and exporting billions of dollars of these products. It is very important that we invest in this area. This area is monopolized by two companies in the world. We, as a group, want to consolidate our place in the textile sector by growing this area.