Key to Change

Lean Six Sigma in Ekoten Tekstil Sigma
Commenced in late 2006, the Lean 6 Sigma journey of Ekoten Tekstil continues with success.


Six Sigma Vision of Ekoten Tekstil A.Ş.
To create an effective, dynamic and innovative business culture in order to maintain and further develop sustainable competitive power in international markets.


Six Sigma Strategies of Ekoten Tekstil A.Ş.

"Tomorrow, we should not be what we are today."

  • Utilising human resources in the most effective way possible in order to use knowledge and technology better.
  • Minimising variations in all business and production processes by improvement projects in order to increase productivity, efficiency, effectiveness, quality, and customer satisfaction.
  • Increasing statistical data based problem solving and decision making skills of all employees by using projects and trainings.
  • Bringing our processes to the point we can respond to customer needs with high precision and speed.
  • Swiftly generating economic benefits from newly designed processes.

Minimising variations and eliminating errors in practice of all our processes.

Understanding Six Sigma not just any quality practice, but as a total management model, EKOTEN TEKSTİL implements this methodology to achieve the cultural change it aims at all its departments.